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Finding the Right Guest for your Property



Whether it is a peak or off-peak period for your holiday rental it is important that you ensure your guests are the right fit for you and your property.   Any damage to your property or contents or even neighbour complaints as a result of a bad behaviour by your guests can severely impact on future bookings and the relationship you have with your neighbours. Travelling Frogs has come up with some simple tips to assist you in ensuring your guest will respect your holiday rental accommodation and your neighbours.


Tip One

Engage in a phone conversation with your guest to ask them questions about the purpose of their stay and the names of the other guests that will be staying with them.


Tip Two

Ask for a driver’s license, passport or other information to verify who the Guest is that wants to make the booking, including a current address, phone number, email address and even social media contact details which can be stored in your guest database. Did I say database?? Yes that’s right if you haven’t already got a database of previous guests, get started because it is a great way to communicate with your valued previous guests about specials or deals you may be offering and secure repeat quality guests.


Tip Three

Use the social media contact information to do some searches and look at previous posts on your guest/s pages to make sure your guest/s are not going to turn your place into a party house for the weekend. Make sure the social media (esp. Facebook name) matches or closely matches the name used to request the booking. It is amazing what you can learn about your guests with some basic information. It is also worth noting that some guests may have multiple profiles online and give you a ‘clean’ or fairly inactive social media page to check out. They will sometimes have posts or images that are shared to another profile page so this can also be investigated if you are suspicious about an inactive social media account. In our opinion you need to be cautious of anyone under 40-50 nowadays who states they have no social media presence or have a very inactive page profile. If this is the case and sometimes it can be, it is important you start to gather information from the tips listed below.


Tip Four

Ask the guest/s if they have an accommodation review profile on another website that they can share, so you can see what other owners experiences have been with your potential guest.


Tip Five

Ask the guest for references from other holiday owners. In an increasingly competitive market, guests need to be accountable as much as owners do and with no real guest review process currently in place, social media or direct references from other holiday accommodation owners can be important for you in accepting your next guest. Travelling Frogs are looking at developing a guest review system in the future so an owner can rate their guests for other owners / members to view.


Tip Six

Develop a rental agreement with your terms and conditions of stay and any other conditions that may be applicable for that stay. You can have your guest/s sign and send this back to you before the commencement of their stay or collect it from them on their arrival. This agreement should also include a security deposit amount that can vary with the type and number of guests and the length and period of stay.  Make sure you sign as the owner and they sign as the guest. Legal advice is advised to ensure the document you have is binding on both parties should an issue arise that requires an action.


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