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Visions at the Quay - Gold Coast

Visions at the Quay – Gold Coast


As the holiday season gets into full swing you may ask yourself, ‘are you and your holiday rental property guest ready’? There are many little tips that owners can implement to ensure they are prepared for their guests and that their property stands out from the rest.

Over the next three blog posts we are going to give you some well known and not so well known tips on what you can do to ensure you and your holiday accommodation is guest ready. We want to ensure the guest experience you provide leaves your guests wanting to come back for more or at least telling their friends about their experience and promoting your property and Travelling Frogs on their social media accounts.



The preparation of your property for your guest/s will make the initial introduction of your guests to your property much easier. Particularly in higher priced accommodation where families may have saved all year for their once a year luxury getaway, you want the guest’s first impressions to be “Wow” not “Oh”.

The interior layout and design of your holiday rental property can go a long way to ensuring your guests are raving about their stay to their friends and family. We will go further into interior design and presentation in part two of our three-part blog but can we just say that over furnishing or using furnishing and appliances that are dated particularly in the higher end of the market will only disappoint your guests and detract from what you are presenting. The same can be said about the outside of the property. If you have lawns, gardens, or entertainment areas, they need to be maintained particularly in summer months when everything grows quicker. This is even more important when your holiday rental has inside/outside living spaces and you want your guests to enjoy everything about your property.

In the era of smart phones and digital photography and media it is super easy to do an introduction or welcome video for your guests that they can view on your TV. You can do this personally by talking about some of the features of the house and local attractions or it can be without you in the video. You can also do it as a voiceover to accompany the video, have a friend or your kids do it or just edit in some relaxing music to accompany the video. The theme here should be have some fun with the technology and personalise the experience for your guests. Remember even if it sounds silly or too hard it really isn’t and it is something that your guests will appreciate particularly if they are not familiar with the area.

Taking it to another level, the drone era is delivering the ability to do breathtaking imagery and videos of your property and the local area and local attractions. Just check with local laws around what you may or may not be able to do. Travelling Frogs are looking at partnering with businesses in 2017 to offer this service for you at a reasonable cost. This is also something you will be able to use in your own social media.

If you decide you are not ready to jump into the video or drone media era then good professional looking photographs are better than nothing or poor quality images that don’t sell your property and the quality of what you have to offer. So whether you are confident enough and have a good quality lens and camera to do it yourself or you engage a professional to get the right shots at the best time of day, remember high quality images assist in getting bookings. Whatever you spend on photography, videos or drones with a local business is going to be tax deductible and also supports your local community and local businesses.



Your Holiday Rental Property is a huge investment and the importance of protecting your investment should be right at the top of your to do list if you haven’t thought about it. At Travelling Frogs we recommend you do at least three things:

  • Use a Holiday Rental Agreement, a Terms and Conditions or Code of Conduct agreement(Travelling Frogs have some generic documents on our website that you can use and customise to suit your property) These documents should  clearly set out your conditions and requirements before the booking commences. This is something that you can have the guest sign before they stay or get an acknowledgement that they understand and agree to abide by same through an email communication.
  • Make sure your insurance is current and will in fact protect you and your property for short-term holiday rental. With the growth in this industry and insurance companies seeing an emerging market, standard home and contents policies may not cover you if there is damage to your property or contents. Ensure you include any new or additional items to your policy that you may have added to your property since your policy was last reviewed. Talk to your insurance company or Broker for further info.
  • The question of whether to collect a Security Bond is something that gets raised often. At Travelling Frogs we recommend all properties consider a security deposit or security bond. It is something that you can add into your terms and conditions and is also your initial cover if damage occurs or the guests breach your holiday rental agreement. At Travelling Frogs we suggest your bond can be any amount but should be at least equal to the excess on your insurance policy so you don’t end up being out of pocket. Many owners will base the bond on the nightly rate and multiply that by the minimum nights stay to determine the amount to set. Similar to your per night pricing this may vary with seasons or peak periods.

Well that’s all for now and we look forward to chatting to you next time about your guest arrival, some of the things you can do to personalise their experience and  compliment your video or initial welcome message to your guests.

Thanks for listening

Mark, Samantha & the Travelling Frogs Team




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