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Lambert House - Spring Hill, Brisbane

Lambert House – Spring Hill, Brisbane


“Is my property safe for my holiday rental property guests?” This can be one of the least thought about tasks that holiday property owners think about when getting their properties ready for the holiday season. There are many things you can do to ensure your guests and their pets are safe when they stay at your holiday rental property. Travelling Frogs has listed a few tips below to make sure your guests and their pets remain safe when they stay at your holiday rental property:

  • Are your smoke alarms working? Travelling Frogs recommends hard-wired photoelectric smoke detectors with battery power back up. Check them monthly, they may save a life one day.
  • Install a fire blanket in your kitchen or in any outdoor cooking areas. They are cheap and effective.
  • Install a 1or 2 kg Dry Chemical Extinguisher in laundries, kitchens, outdoor cooking areas and garages.
  • Have a home escape plan for your guests in case of an emergency. This can be displayed in your Information folder or on the back of the main or rear entry door or in any location in your property that you think will be seen.
  • If you have power boards in entertainment areas, bedrooms make sure they are not overloaded, have furniture on electrical cords and that they comply with Australian Standards.
  • Keep any cleaning products or other chemicals well out of reach of young children and preferrable in lockable or childproof cupboards.
  • If you have stairs inside or outside, make sure you have kid gates so families know their children are safe around stairs.
  • If your holiday property has a balcony above ground level try to keep chairs and tables away from balcony railings where children can climb and fall.  This can also be included in any safety briefing or list you provide to the guests.
  • If you have a fenced yard ensure that it is secure for both your guest’s kids and their pets if you are a pet friendly property. Check to make sure there are no holes or gaps that might allow the family pooch to escape.
  • If you have a BBQ or outdoor cooking area ensure gas bottles, regulators and gas lines are safe and check regularly for leaks. If in doubt contact a qualified tradesperson.
  • If you have a pool, regularly check fencing and gates to ensure they are compliant with your Local Council or State Regulations. Guests should never leave children unattended in these areas.
  • Ensure you have a Resuscitation Chart in the Pool Area in case of an Emergency.
  • Include a small First Aid kit in your inventory for your guests. They are inexpensive and your guests will really appreciate them if there is a minor accident around the house or in the yard.
  • For pet friendly properties consider a tramp for the guest’s pooches to relax and a shelter for them to go into in storms or hot weather. Also make sure there are food bowls and water bowls (consider an auto fill water bowl).
  • Finally, a small safe securely fixed into a built in robe or garage floor can be greatly appreciated by local and overseas visitors for passports, jewellery, cash, memory cards, etc to keep their valuables safe.

Well that’s it for now on our 3 – part blog series on how to have your holiday rental property ready for the holiday season and your next Travelling Frogs guests. We hope you have picked up a few tips along the way and that the small changes you may make will make your guests happy and great reviews.

Good customer service will assist in getting you initial and repeat bookings. Guests love ease of booking, quick bond returns and all of the little things that we have listed in this series of blogs and allow your guest to be able to relax and feel special with those little extras that you provide.

Thanks for Listening

Mark, Samantha and the Travelling Frogs Team

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