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Tips when listing your holiday property on Travelling Frogs, Stayz or Airbnb

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  1. Description – Your description should be long enough to capture a guests interest but not too long that they feel they are reading a novel. You can build your description using headings and dot points to keep things brief and also to group info together. For example you may have headings such as ‘The House’, ‘The Neighbourhood’, ‘Local Attractions’ or ‘Local Events’, ‘Transport in the area’, ‘Restaurant/Café/Bar Recommendations’.  Most guests love those local hotspots and local info to make them feel part of the communities they visit.


  1. Images – Your Photos paint a picture of your holiday accommodation and will be the first and last impression for potential guests. Include photos of areas such as main living areas; kitchen; balconies with views; outdoor area if you have a yard or entertainment area for kids or pets; bedrooms, bathrooms and location shots if you have any good shots (you can also use the web if your photo skills are not to a standard you like, just make sure the images you use are for public use). You images should be of a file size that will not restrict the number of images you can include. We recommend anywhere from 50kb – 250kb.


  1. Pricing – Always include a per night price whether this is your cheapest rate or an average that you can edit. This will be one of the criteria guests will make decision on whether or not to book your property.  You should also look at weekend & seasonal pricing and include those variations in your listing. There is an easy ‘how to’ video on this on the pricing page.  One of the biggest frustrations on other sites is that the cost of stay for a selected period is not communicated on the owner’s page.


  1. Amenities – Use our easy check box feature on the amenities page of your listing to include features of your property such as pet friendly, air conditioning, fenced yard, wheel chair accessible. It is amazing how much difference this can make when guests are looking for a particular feature in a property.


  1. Location Your location page pinpoints your property on a Google maps graphic and can be good to show guests exactly where you are located. If you would prefer not to show the exact location of your property we suggest you just select the street or suburb your property is located in and mention that fact in your description.


  1. Calendar – The frustrations of a guest cannot be underestimated when they request a booking on particular dates/s and the owner comes back and states they are already booked. Our calendar is simple to use and there is also a great video on syncing calendars with any other sites you may be on such as Airbnb or Applications you may use such as ICal.


Thanks for joining us at Travelling Frogs and if you get stuck anywhere along the way just give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to assist. The Travelling Frogs Team.

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