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‘What Frustrates Guests when looking for Holiday Rentals’ – Part Two

PART TWO – Can I sync my TRAVELLING FROGS calendar with other calendars?

Have you ever tried to book a holiday or getaway at a short term holiday rental and got really excited because it was exactly what you were looking for and the dates you selected were available?  So you request the booking or contact the owner only to find that the owner or property manager has not kept their calendar up to date and the dates you were requesting have already been booked. At TRAVELLING FROGS we encourage our owners to always keep their calendars up to date so those frustrating conversations between owner and guest does not occur.  We also encourage our guests to report any issues to us if they experience frustrations with calendars that are incorrect when trying to book a getaway so we can rectify the issue.

As a new business TRAVELLING FROGS certainly understands that our members need to keep their property listed with other service providers whether that be Airbnb, Stays, Real Estates, Boutique Property Managers, to ensure they maximise their chances of getting a booking request and booking. We have never pretended that we would just appear in the market and immediately have the highest reach and expect our owner/members to let go of other opportunities, unlike some of our competitors that want total control of the market.  What we do promise is that our owners/members and their guests will have a more personalised service and their concerns will be listened to and addressed by our team members directly.

However, having your property listed on multiple portals does come with some challenges that TRAVELLING FROGS is happy to assist you overcome.  At TRAVELLING FROGS we utilise a synchronised calendar service which allows you copy a code from your calendar page when you are logged into your profile and in edit mode on the calendar page and copy this code into participating service providers calendar page. You then copy the code they provide into the field provided on your calendar page and every 3 hours (but usually quicker) both calendars will sync with each other and hey presto your calendars will match. A link on how to sync your calendar along with a number of other help videos can be found below.  The Syncing calendars video is the third video in the series. 

A small survey we conducted indicated that greater than 80% of guests will not attempt to book a holiday rental in the future if details are inaccurate or incomplete when they first enquire and they have a poor experience. Conversely, greater than 70% stated they would consider going back to a property where the process was easy and details were as stated.  So who does your TRAVELLING FROGS calendar have the ability to sync with?  We currently have the ability to sync with Airbnb, I Calendar, Google Cal, your I-Phone or any provider that supports this technology. So why not give it a try it will save you and your guests time and frustration by ensuring your calendar is up to date no matter what service provider or application you use.

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