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‘What Frustrates Guests when looking for Holiday Rentals’

PART ONE ~ How Much Does it Cost?

In this educational series from Travelling Frogs we want to talk about what frustrates guests when looking for holiday accommodation. We kick off the series with ‘What much does it Cost?’ where we discuss the importance of including a price on your holiday rental property landing page on a website.

You have decided its time for a break with your partner, friend/s or family and you start looking for short-term accommodation either in a new or favourite location for a weekend, a week or a month. You find a place that may suit but then you realise the owner has not bothered to include a nightly price. How Frustrating? Yes, I can see a few of you nodding in agreement already.

One of the great things about the Internet and the short-term holiday rental market is the ability to sit in your lounge room or office and check out the details for your next holiday destination whether that be images to get you excited, property description and details, availability, features, local area attractions or price. We will talk about some of those first details in our upcoming blogs but first lets explore the theory of including a Price or ‘What much does it Cost’ on your holiday rental page.

As a consumer if I go onto the Internet looking for a product and there is no price available I start to ask myself one of two things. Is the product very expensive and the seller thinks by putting a price on the product it will deter buyers, or is the seller hiding their price so the consumer and maybe their competitors won’t know what they are charging? Either way the consumer will ultimately get frustrated because the information they are searching for is incomplete.  In many cases if the consumer doesn’t get the information including price on one page they will search elsewhere until they get all the information they want. As consumers we live in a busy and competitive world and we want information at our fingertips. This convenience includes not having to send an email or make a phone call to get what should be basic information on the sellers page.

Conversely, it may be argued by some businesses on the Internet including holiday rental accommodation owners that their prices vary and they can’t put a single price on a website. So at Travelling Frogs we argue don’t put a single price on the website put a price range or put information in that tells the potential buyer this is an idea of what it will cost and these are the ‘add on’ costs. For example at property owners or members are asked to put in a ‘from’ nightly price that is up front on their property page so consumers/ travellers can get that information straight away.  These owners can also put price variances on their specific pricing page that gives potential guests an idea if there is a higher or lower price during a particular time of year or whether certain discounts can be applied.  Travelling Frogs also include cost calculators so guests can put in their preferred dates and see what the cost per night is along with any additional costs like cleaning, security deposit or whether a discount has been applied.  The Internet and indeed ‘Marketing your Business’  is about transparency and relevant information and we believe that by embracing both you will attract more customers.

So as an owner of holiday rental accommodation, Travelling Frogs asks you to look at your property and your landing page like you are a consumer or guest and think about what you would want to see on the landing page if you were searching for a holiday rental property.  We look forward to bringing you the next instalment of our series on what frustrates guests when looking for holiday rentals where we will talk about calendars and availability.

Mark, Samantha & the Travelling Frogs Team

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