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Codes of Conduct – Guests / Travellers

All Guests / Travellers must:

  1. Guests and Visitors must treat the rental property and the neighbours with respect and leave the property in the same condition as you find it.
  2. Guests and Visitors must report any issues immediately to the Owner / Manager of the rental property.
  3. Offensive or excessive noise and anti social behaviour is strictly prohibited and any breach may result in immediate termination of the rental agreement and a report being lodged with the local Police.
  4. Guests are responsible for any visitors that enter the rental property including but not limited to any actions that may be in breach of the Code of Conduct or Terms and Conditions.
  5. Any gatherings, functions, parties or other meetings of persons of any kind other than the approved Guests is strictly prohibited unless written approval is granted by the Owner / Manager and relevant Terms and Conditions and the Code of Conduct is adhered to.
  6. Guests and Visitors must adhere to any parking regulations, restrictions and requirements for the site/ property as detailed in the Terms and Conditions or communicated by the Owner / Manager.
  7. All Garbage and Recycling must be placed in the provided bins and strictly no garbage, recycling or general waste can be brought onto the site/property. No Garbage or Recycling can be left in common areas, public spaces or in any area not designated for household waste.
  8. Security arrangements are specified in the Terms and Conditions in regard to the rental property and must be adhered to.
  9. Hours of use and safety instructions where a pool or spa exists on a site/property must be strictly adhered to.
  10. Any directions within the Terms and Conditions in regard to a site/property with a balcony, deck or outdoor area must adhered to.
  11. Unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions or House Rules, Smoking is strictly prohibited on the site/property or in common areas or other areas as specified.
  12. Pets are prohibited unless the site / property allows pets on the property as specified in the Terms and conditions or by prior arrangement and approval with the Owner/ Manager.
  13. Use of a BBQ whether provided or otherwise must be only used by a responsible adult and any house rules for its use must be adhered to.
  14. Any Damages and breakages must be reported immediately to the Owner / Manager.
  15. Any departure arrangements will be specified in the Terms and Conditions including arrangements for keys, security, rubbish removal, dishwashing, cleaning, etc.
  16. Consequences relating to non-compliance of Code of Conduct, Terms and Conditions or House Rules include but are not limited to loss of security bond, early termination, immediate eviction and further recovery action relating to any damage, loss or theft.