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Codes of Conduct – Owners / Managers

All Owners/Managers must:

  1. Determine what constitutes short term rental in your particular area and adequately address any restrictions that may exist in regard to the ability to utilise a property for short term rental as determined by a Local Government, relevant Strata Regulation/s to the prooperty or other requirements.
  2. Accurately identify the property, including the location/address, type and length of any agreement being undertaken and fair understanding of any variation or grounds for termination of any agreement.
  3. Identify the details of the occupancy including any inclusions or exclusions in the agreement between the owner/manager and guest/s.
  4. Ensure fair and relevant use of security deposits or bonds to procure compliance.
  5. Where the property is part of a strata or community title scheme, require Guest and Visitor compliance with owners’ corporation by-laws and include damage to common property as a ground for executing procurement of all or part of the security deposit or bond.
  6. Clearly specify the number of guests and/or visitors at the property. This is usually related to the number of beds available in habitable rooms as per building standards and should not normally exceed 3-4 persons/room.
  7. Communicate the general obligations of guests and visitors in relation to safety, security, any excessive noise or anti social behaviour, unauthorised guests, parties, functions or any other action that may or will disrupt the amenity of residents and their entitlements in adjoining properties/residences including those residences within the same strata complex or located in the surrounding areas.
  8. Ensure guests and visitors comply with any regulations around parking and are considerate to other residents including neighbouring properties and their rights to parking inside or outside their own residences and any designated or assigned parking areas.
  9. Regulate garbage storage and disposal to ensure compliance with any strata or other regulations and avoid adverse impacts on amenity and neighbours.
  10. Provide adequate information on complaints handling and dispute resolution.
  11. Clearly communicate any consequences of not meeting the above Code of conduct and any other associated Terms and Conditions.