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FAQ – Owners / Managers

Q. What does it cost to become a member of the Travelling Frogs community and start listing my property?

A. The membership options are listed under “List Your Property” on the menu bar.  Simply click on this option and the different membership packages and their benefits are listed.  When you decide which membership package suits you click on the “Sign Up Now” button below the package option to connect you to the membership and payment pages.  After payment is accepted you will be able to add your property to the website.  If you have any further questions before you sign up go to the “contact us” page and send us an email.


Q. Can I list more than one property on a single membership?

A. Yes, we now have Red Frog, Gold Frog and Platinum Frog Membership Packages available  for Owners / Managers with multiple properties. You can match the number of properties you own or wish to list under one of those memberships. All of these memberships have special rates applied and remember your membership/s entitles you to as many bookings as you can get in a 12 month period with the one yearly sign up membership fee. 


Q. I am not the most computer savvy person and am not sure if I can transfer my information from another site.  Do you have any services that can assist in this process?

A. Yes, when registering as a member of Travelling Frogs under “List Your Property” you can also select Our “Property Listing Migration Package” or ‘Done for You’ service which costs $97- (one off cost). Once paid for, Travelling Frogs will copy and transfer your property details, images, calendar bookings, pricing and other details  across to your Travelling Frogs listing.  We then contact you when complete to make sure you are happy with what we have done and how your property presents on Travelling Frogs.  Our Team takes pride in every property they upload and owners are often thrilled to hear that our team has corrected some small grammatical errors, changed the format slightly to make the description flow better or changed a feature image to better promote your property on Travelling Frogs.  Of course if you want it changed back or done slightly different we will be happy to assist.


Q.  I would prefer to transfer my property information across myself but am not sure about some of the pages and how to input the information.  Can you assist?

A. Yes, we have a number of instructional videos that are accessible via links on each page as you are uploading details for your property.  Simply, click on the link and you will be guided through the process via the video.


Q. As a new member how will my guests contact me from your website?

A. When you join Travelling Frogs and submit your property details you will be asked to provide an email address and a contact number(optional).  Your guests will communicate with you directly when they request a booking.  No middleman, no commissions, no nightly service fees, no holding your money until your guests checkin.  You manage your property  and how and when monies are paid to you.


Q. How long after I join will my property appear on the Travelling Frogs website?

A. As soon as you sign up and fill in your details you will be sent a password which you can to use to log in and then simply start loading your content for your property under your profile and ‘add new property” onto the website.


Q. What is a Security Bond or Security Deposit and should I be charging one?

A. A security bond or security deposit is an amount that the owner decides is a fair and reasonable amount to request from a guest in addition to their accommodation charge that covers any loss, damage, theft to the owner’s property or contents.  This is an optional add on fee by the owner whilst not compulsory it is recommended. The amount paid as a security bond or security deposit is fully refundable to the guest within 72 hours if any inspection following the guests departure reveals the property and contents are in a condition the same or similar to the commencement of their booking.


Q. What if it is found on inspection that there is damage, loss or theft to my property or contents following the occupancy of a guest/s?

A.  This is why we recommend that a security bond or security deposit is collected before commencement of the booking.  The guest should be immediately notified of your intent to withhold return of all or part of the Security bond or security deposit until an cost estimation of damage, loss or theft can be determined.  This should be done within 7 days and it is the owners responsibility to negotiate the cost of repair or replacement of any damage, loss or theft of property or contents. 



Q. How do I collect payment from my guests?

A. When a guest requests a booking from you they consent to provide you with their email address and phone number(optional) for you to contact them in regard to the availability of the property and the total cost.  An estimate is provided based on the rates you apply when registering your property.  If the guest accepts the total price quoted, you can accept payment via credit card, paypal or direct deposit.  We strongly advise you not to agree to cash transactions between you and your guest.  We also advise that if you wish to use the direct deposit or credit card option that you have an account or credit card that is setup specifically as your holiday accommodation account and not your primary day to day account/ credit card. This will allow any tax or expenses to be clearly identified as being connected to your holiday accommodation and reduce any associated risks with fraud and online banking. 



Q. Can I change my image order on my page to keep it fresh or if I have uploaded them in the incorrect order?

A. Yes, you can change the order of your images on your property page by logging into your account and selecting ‘My Property’ and then the edit option(little pencil under image and details). From here go to your images page and it is simply a matter of clicking on and dragging the image to your preferred order. If you have captions attached to the image don’t worry it will move them at the same time.  When you have placed your images in the order you want it is then just a matter of selecting your feature image again by clicking on it(a little star will appear on the top RHS of image) and then click save down the bottom of the page to save your editing.